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  1. Ivan
    Ivan says:

    Probably my best experience so far with her today. She has the most genuine interest and excitement about the way she performs with you.

  2. Tattooed man
    Tattooed man says:

    OMFG This girl is a STUNNER.Been a while sinve ive seen her and is even more beautiful than i remembered. 10 outa 10 GFE to match.Only downfall is the over exaggerated FOAM .But i can live with that and will definitely be back

  3. Forries
    Forries says:

    Treated myself with this beautiful lady today.
    She is a screamer & fakes when she cums.
    A absolutely stunning lady with a fantastic body and good personality & enjoyed getting fucked deep & hard.
    Give her a go. 👍

  4. Vrent
    Vrent says:

    She is one of the best in 142. But you have to admit she over exaggerates her moaning and cumming scream. Not saying its bad, but it can overshadow the effort gents are doing.

  5. Pussygalore
    Pussygalore says:

    Sensational Bangkok Thai lady. Start gentle. You’ll reap the rewards. So charming and beautiful. Welcome back Karen.

  6. Scottish guy
    Scottish guy says:

    Just spent an hour with Karen before flying home what a sweetheart an amazing body,fantastic pair of boobs excactly like the pictures she didn’t need any encouragement to climb on top of her 1st scottish dick😉 and left me totally drained highly recomended and will visit again.

  7. Potter
    Potter says:

    Sam George Tom
    Pay half hour just 95$
    But want everything
    Suck without condom
    finish in mouth
    Do yourself better

  8. OneMoreHour
    OneMoreHour says:

    Okay in the ladies defence. My experience with Karen was off the charts. I have never had a woman respond in way she did. So good and I was so satisfied that I dare not return in case it’s not the same, which I can not expect.


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