New Girl Kitty

Nationalit: Hong Kong

Age: 28

Height: 156

Weight: 52

Bust Size: D cup



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    • Magic rim
      Magic rim says:

      It’s Candy’s pic too and candy ain’t Kiki with a different name hmmmm …. I believe someone’s trying something a dodge-hey…. next new girl lets put up a picture of me mum it’ll be hot you’ll love it she’ll be in stitches every bastard be booking her 142 will be in riches lalalala well maybe not but atleast the picture will be real not reused… Come on 142 there’s no excuse I work in a shop too every person in this world over age 5 has a camera on their person girl comes in put in room tell taking pics to promote you once you get ready boom done post ain’t hard and were happy.. your rich simple !!!!!

  1. ime coming
    ime coming says:

    yehhhh… 142 get it together, will you please !!!

    100% agreement here guys not difficult to take a photo and post it, even if the girl is new on the day – should take all of five minutes.
    And…straight and honest details wouldn’t go astray either.
    And…what’s the point in asking us to call the shop for information ?
    when we do, we get put on hold for 10+ minutes and then given a story, and then asked to come in and have a look…really ?
    Drive an hour for a disappointing look , or be told she’s booked out or all the girls are booked out – what’s tha ?

    if you don’t post genuine photos and information, Nothing but a waste of our time and your time 142,


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